Say goodbye to endless hours of digital entertainment and welcome your child to a world of thrilling exploration and boundless fun in nature.

At Nature-I-Am @ Lekwena Kids Adventure Club, we provide a safe haven for inquisitive young minds aged 5-12.

The main purpose of our club is to install a deep appreciation for nature and conservation in your child. We embark on thrilling adventures ranging from insect-catching expeditions to learning essential survival skills in the bush.

With our 3-level badge rewards system, kids stay motivated as they embark on an exciting educational adventure. Each badge represents a completed activity, and by collecting 3 badges, a new level is unlocked! Join us on this incredible journey and witness your child’s curiosity come alive! Let them unleash their wild imaginations and develop a profound connection with the natural world. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity! SIGN UP for the Kids Adventure Club today! Unlock a world of adventure, endless learning, and lifelong friendships for your child. Let’s create memories that will last a lifetime! 

Sign-Up Fee: R295 – (includes a safari vest, drawstring bag and club member card with Lanyard)
Monthly Fee: R200 – (includes a monthly activity and other super cool club benefits)

Keep your eyes on the calendar for the latest updates on our exciting upcoming activities!

Get ready to embark on an incredible adventure with these super cool benefits when you become part of our club:

Monthly Mega-Activity: Every month, you’ll have the chance to dive into an exciting activity that will blow your socks off! Bring your Club Drawstring Bag and we will fill it with water and snacks and receive your activity badge after a fun day.

And guess what? For an extra adventure-packed activity during the month, all our club members only pay R180, while non-club members have to fork out R250 to earn a badge. So, it’s double the fun at an amazing discount, exclusively for you!

Mind-Blowing Newsletters: Brace yourselves for our mind-boggling newsletters! Packed with amazing feedback on the activities you’ve participated in, they’ll also be jam-packed with fun information, mind-blowing facts, fantastic competitions and a java surprise for your parents. Get ready to unleash your imagination!

Free Birthday Bash: Is it your special day? Well, it’s time to party with Nature-I-Am! When you book a birthday celebration with us, the birthday child gets in for free! It’s a gift from us to you, because birthdays are meant to be extraordinary. 

Wild Game Drive Adventure:
Hold on tight for this thrilling ride! When you book a Saturday public game drive with Lekwena, we’ve got a special treat for our club members. For every adult booked, one club member gets to hop on board the wildlife extravaganza absolutely free! Get ready to spot some magnificent creatures in their natural habitat and earn your game drive badge!

Java Jolt: Saturdays just got even better with our super awesome offer! When an adult orders a breakfast, they’ll receive a free cappuccino. It’s the perfect way to kick-start your weekend while the flavors dance on your taste buds.

Our 3 Level Badge Award:

Activity Badges: